Feeding Moco

Feeding MOCO is the name of the food pantry at Reach. On the day of the distribution, drive to the back parking lot of Reach Church. There will be people there to direct you.  Click here for our location.  You do not have to exit your vehicle – volunteers will load the box in your vehicle for you.

boxesOn the 3rd Tuesday of each month:

Paperwork must be done and eligibility guidelines must be met for the 3rd Tuesday of each month.  The first time you are there on the 3rd Tuesday, you will fill out a form with your household information. Each time you receive food on a 3rd Tuesday, you will sign the form which is a contract with the State of Missouri certifying that you meet the eligibility requirements. If you would like to view the contract, the form can be found here, but you do not need to bring it with you.  Reach will have it.

The eligibility guidelines for the third Tuesday are in the image at the bottom of the page. Click the image to make the eligibility guidelines larger.

1st, 2nd, 4th, and 5th (if any) 
Tuesday of each month

We will have a mobile food drop from 12 pm until 3 pm (or until supplies run out) . This is for anyone who is in need of food and there is no eligibility requirement or paperwork.  It is mostly perishable food such as produce, bread etc.