Our student ministry at Reach Church is known as Remnant. Remnant is for students from 6th-12th grade. We meet on Sunday evenings 4 pm-5 pm, and following the service until 8 pm we hang out with students in our youth area (which has PlayStation 4s, ping pong, pool table, basketball gym, concession stand and more).

We have given it the name Remnant because in Jeremiah 23:3-4 GOD says HE will gather a Remnant of people who will be fruitful and increase, and HE will set up shepherds over them to feed them, so they will fear no more and will be lacking nothing. This is our hope for these students that when they go off to college or whatever place GOD has for them, they will be lacking nothing. We believe that Remnant is about life or death, because there is a huge statistic that says if you have not built a relationship with GOD by the age of 18, you more than likely won't. We hope that if you are a student between 6th and 12th grade you will come check it out!